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Folge Deiner Leidenschaft bei eBay 63 Interesting Facts about Austria. By Jill Bartholomew, Junior Writer. Published January 15, 2017. Austria is the only European Union nation that is not a member of NATO. [1] Austro-Hungarian Baroness Bertha von Suttner was the first woman to win the Nobel Peace Prize in 1905. [12] When the Turks fled the city of Vienna in 1683, they left behind a large quantity of coffee beans, thereby.

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Here are 10 of my favorite fun facts about Vienna, Austria: 1. The Wine Capital. Vienna is the only capital city in the world to produce significant quantities of wine within its city limits. Home to over 1,700 acres of vineyards and 320 vintners, the Viennese love their wine. While the most popular are white wine varieties such as Grüner Veltliner, Rheinriesling and Weißburgunder, you can. Fun Facts about Austria for Kids: The population of Austria is 8.7 million people; The capital city is Vienna (Wien). Austria is a German speaking country and many people also speak English. The capital city Vienna has about 1.9 million people living there. The biggest mountain is Grossglockner which is 3,798 m high Fun facts about Salzburg . This city is located just 3 miles (about 5 km) away from the Austrian-German border. In the XIV century, a third of the population of Salzburg died during the plague that devastated almost half of Europe. Every third resident of Salzburg works in the tourism sector Other Fun Facts Of Austria. Let's take a look at the other fun facts of Austria. Because the Austrian spa waters of Bad Gastein contain radon, patients must present a doctor's order before enjoying the water's healing effects. The first postcards that were circulated were used in Austria

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Surprising Facts About Austria. Subscribe to FTD Facts: http://bit.ly/SubscribeFtdFacts Latest Uploads: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIEyP6RLvwY&list=PLrT.. Our Austria Facts for Kids provides fun and fascinating facts about Austria, the mountain country in Europe. Learn about geo superlatives, people and much more Interesting facts about Vienna. 2 years ago. Facebook; Prev Article Next Article . Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria and one of the nine states of Austria. The city is located in northeastern Austria, at the easternmost extension of the Alps in the Vienna Basin. As of January 2018, the population of Vienna is about 1.8 million people. Vienna has a total area of 414.65 square. Fun Facts about Salzburg. by Viki. Salzburg is a city that you can travel to over and over again and yet discover something new every time you visit. On my last trip to Salzburg, I went looking for what isn't quite obvious and chatted with some real Salzburgers about their city - and got some funny stories to hear. In this blog post, I'll tell you some fun facts and worth knowing background. Austria Trivia Questions & Answers : Europe This category is for questions and answers related to Austria, as asked by users of FunTrivia.com.. Accuracy: A team of editors takes feedback from our visitors to keep trivia as up to date and as accurate as possible.Complete quiz index can be found here: Austria Quizzes There are 40 questions on this topic

Austria, Europe trip, Fun Facts, Salzburg 20. May 2014. Fun Facts Salzburg. This post is also available in: German. Salzburg is a great city to visit Here are some interesting facts about the city: The world today refers to Salzburg′s most famous son as Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. In fact, his name was officially Johannes Chrysostomus Wolfgang Theophilus Mozart with Amadeus. Europe Fact List 26 Interesting Facts About Austria jazz. October 1, 2017. 2 . Here are 26 Interesting Austria facts. 1-5 Austria Facts. Image credit: en.wikipedia.org. 1. When the mayor of f**king, Austria was asked if he would change the town's name, he replied: everyone here knows what it means in English, but for us f**king is f**king and it's going to stay f**king. - Source. 2. 12 Cool Facts About Austria You'll Love To See. October 18, 2016 by Fada Tim Leave a Comment. Austria is a country in central Europe lying to the north of Italy. It shares borders with the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Slovenia, and Switzerland. The climate is continental and cloudy. The winters are cold with snows in lowlands and mountains. The summers. Fun & Interesting Facts about Austria . The official name of Austriais the 'Republic of Austria'. Austriais situated in Central Europe and spreads over an area of approximately 83,858 sq km. The capital of Austriais Vienna, while its currency is Euro. Majority of the population in Austriais Roman Catholic, followed by Protestants and Muslims. The official language of Austria, followed. 5 Fun Facts über Mozart 1. Mozart und die Liebe. Mit 21 Jahren reiste Mozart mit seiner Mutter in die deutsche Stadt Mannheim. Dort verliebt er sich Hals über Kopf in die Sängerin Aloysia Weber. Für Wolfgang Amadeus stand sofort fest, dass er sie heiraten und sein Leben mit ihr verbringen will. Er komponierte gleich die Musik für ihre gemeinsame Hochzeitsmesse. Sie jedoch wies seinen.

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50 Fascinating Facts about Austria. Austria is a landlocked country in Central Europe with a very mountainous terrain. Only 32% of Austria is below 1,640 square feet (500 m). With a high per capita GDP of $49,436, Austrians have a high standard of living. Approximately 47% of the country is covered with forests which gives Austria a lot of greenery. With beautiful waterfalls and meadows, there. In Austria, suckling pig is the traditional dinner for New Year's Day and is said to symbolize good luck. Often the New Year's table also is decorated with miniature pigs made of marzipan, maple sugar or chocolate. Speck is a lean, cold smoked ham cured for several months in the cool Tirolean mountain air. Linzertorte is an rich, Austrian pastry that originated in Linz, Austria. It. Ten fun facts about Austria. Fact 1: About one fourth of the population of Austria lives in the capital, Vienna. Fact 2: The highest point in Austria is the Großglockner with its 3797 meters. Fact 3: Austria has the second lowest unemployment level for men in the EU. Fact 4: The sewing machine was invented in 1818 by the Austrian Josef Madersperger, Fact 5: The official currency in Austria is. 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Traveling The World S1 • E48 Visit Austria - 10 Things That Will SHOCK You About Austria - Duration: 7:42. Wolters World 438,180 view

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  1. 10 Fun Facts about Austria. February 28, 2020 by Pack-n-Go Girls. by . Wilkommen in Österreich! What do you know about this beautiful country of Austria in Western Europe? Check out the following ten fun facts about Austria, including links to a fun video, a recipe, and free printables. 1. Where is Austria? Some people say Austria looks like a Schnitzel. It's completely surrounded by land.
  2. Well, here are 30 interesting and funny facts about Australia . Sharks are immune to all known diseases. Great! There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia, and only 24 million people. The Tasmanian Devil does exist, and it has the jaw strength of a crocodile. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world ; The average person in Australia swallows three spiders a year. No part of Australia.
  3. This time I would like to tell you about interesting facts about Vienna. You may have heard about some of them, but maybe you will also find some information about which you did not know before. If you would like to read more fun facts about Vienna, check out Interesting facts about Vienna 2. Schönbrunn Palace in Vienna, Austria. Did you know that About one-fifth of the population of.
  4. Austria's population was estimated to be 8.72 million in April 2016 by the Statistik Austria. The population of the capital, Vienna, exceeds 1.8 million (2.6 million, including the suburbs), representing about a quarter of the country's population.It is known for its cultural offerings and high standard of living
  5. With these amazing facts about Austria, let us learn about its history, geography, culture, people, and more. About its history and heritage. 1. Austria, which was once the center of power for the large Austro-Hungarian Empire, was reduced to a small republic after its defeat in World War I (28 Jul 1914 - 11 Nov 1918). 2. During the 17 th and the 18 th century, Austria was a great power of.

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