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Willkommen bei Nihonto. Fachmännische Begutachtung, Restauration & Handel von japanischen Schwertern seit 2001. Neu eingestellte Produkte und aktuelle Restaurationen werden jeweils auf unserer Facebook-Seite präsentiert. Sie können diese selbstverständlich auch ohne Anmeldung besuchen. Gerne veräußern wir Ihre Schwerter oder Beschlagteile. Lesen Sie hierzu die FAQ zum Thema. NIHONTO NEWSFEED. News and updates from Nihonto.com. Articles | 5.14.20. MUTSU NO KAMI TACHIBANA TAMEYASU & THE ISHIDÔ SCHOOL 陸奥守橘為廉 & 石堂系 . The Ishidô (石堂) school originated at the Sekido Temple in Ômi Province around the Kanei period (1624). From there the Read more. 5.14.20. For Sale, Fittings, Tsuba | 5.10.20. NICE HIGO TSUBA 110720. We are pleased to list this. Online Spezialist für Samurai Schwert und Japanische Katana. Nihonto, Battle Ready Schwerter, Iaito, Ninja Schwert, Bokken, Chinesischen Schwerter kaufen Nihonto.com is extremely proud to offer this top quality example of one of the most famous of the Higo tsubako, Read more. 11.18.19. For Sale, Other | 9.5.19. FOUR BATTLE YANONE #091019. Here is a group of four yanone, three of which are signed. These are all battle points. Read more. 9.5.19. For Sale, Other | 9.4.19. LONG BATTLE YANONE #090319. This yanone has a long blade and is signed on.

Leidenschaftlicher Sammler japanischer Samuraischwerter auf Auktionen in Osaka, Nagoya, Tokyo. Mitglied NBTHK Tokyo. Mehr zur Sammlung / Zertifikate der Katana, Daisho, Tanto, Wakizashi jetzt hier Nihonto - Litziger Weg 21, 56841 Traben-Trarbach - Rated 4.7 based on 23 Reviews Beim Aufbau meiner Sammlung antiker japanischer Schwerter war und ist.. Nihonto - Samurai sword nr.: Z-13. This is an authentic Japanese samurai sword. An unsigned Koto period Katana with a good polishing with Super Koshirae in gold Nishi lacquer. I think this katana is Muromachi period (about 1500) the blade is O-suriage, so shortened with 3 Mekugi-ana. The katana is equipped with a deep Bo-hi Welcome to Nihonto.de. This site is my private web page with a Gallery section about my collection and a For Sale section with items I am currently offering. I am not a professional sword dealer but sometimes a sword has to leave for a new investment. Although this site has just been relaunched it is still under construction as it is quite time consuming if you are new to creating html pages.

Welcome to the website of Nihonto.nl! Here you can find some information and images of my Japanese collection. These items are all original Japanese and in many cases have been tested by an official appraiser. Additional information can be obtained by email. Please feel free to contact me whenever you are interested in the items presented here. For long time relationships I have a separate. Empfohlene Websites: Auch bei genauer Prüfung der Inhalte von empfohlenen Websites übernehmen wir keinerlei Haftung für deren Inhalte. Dafür sind ausschließlich deren Betreiber verantwortlich und wir übernehmen keinerlei Haftung für die Nutzung dieser Seiten. www.nbthk.net Die NBTHK ist das Schwertmuseum in Tokyo For Sale or Trade: Post your Nihonto items that you wish to sell or trade. For both commercial and private transactions and eBay listing notifications

I am very new to Nihonto collecting and I hope to learn more from everyone's expertise, especially on what makes a great sword different from a good one and the makers behind them. I currently own a Kai Gunto and I will post pictures of the tang in the future because I am having trouble figuring out who the smith is. Anyways, I am happy to be apart of this board. Tha... Show comments (2) View. Welcome to Nihonto Art. Although we live for all aspects of the art of the Samurai, the word Nihonto itself means Japanese sword, which is our specialty. Founder Nick Ricupero has fostered this lifelong passion as both a collector and dealer. His high regard for such a timeless art means that each piece is hand picked and carefully selected. We make an effort to search out the most. Nihonto.de - For Sale For Sale. Please click on the link for further information Katana. Hizen Kuni Omi (no) Kami Tadayoshi. 2.900,00 Euro . Shinto Katana Mumei. SOLD. Wakizashi . Bizen-Den Shinto Wakizashi in full mounts . SOLD. Yokoyama Kozuke (no). Price on Request First item of this nature to come available on the Western Market. An incredible Museum grade Kamakura period Hachi (bowl), well preserved and remounted in high detail at some point in Edo period. Nothing like it available nor would you be able to find one similar as Kamakura work are few in existence and normally were never remounted Herzlich Willkommen auf der Website des Nihonto Clubs. Wir möchten Sie auf dieser Seite über unsere Aktivitäten rund um das japanische Kunstschwert informieren. Sie sind auch herzlich eingeladen, sich bei einem unserer nächsten Treffen als Gast unverbindlich ein Bild vor Ort zu machen. Die faszinierende Kunst des Japanischen Schwertes verstehen lernen - wer das möchte, ist bei uns richtig.

Nihonto - Samuraischwert nr.: Z-13. Dies ist ein authentisches japanisches Samurai-Schwert. Eine Mumei/unsignierte Koto-Zeit Katana mit guter Politur mit Super Koshirae in goldenem Nishi-Lack. Ich denke, dieses Katana ist eine Muromachi-Periode (um 1500), die Klinge ist O-Suriage, also eingekürzt, mit 3 Mekugi-Ana.Das Katana ist mit einem Bo-Hi ausgestattet Yuhindo.com Nihonto Masterwork. My name is Darcy Brockbank and I am a life member of the Nippon Bijutsu Token Hozon Kyokai (NBTHK) in Tokyo, Japan. On this website you can find authentic nihonto (antique Japanese swords) and tosogu (antique fittings) for sale, as well as various educational material, research documents and photographs. You can contact me by using the contact button on the. Periodische Einteilung. Die Schwerter bzw. die Klingen werden verschiedenen Perioden zugeteilt: die ältesten werden als Jōkotō (上古刀, altertümliche Schwerter) bezeichnet, jene ab Mitte der Heian-Zeit (794-1185) bis zur Azuchi-Momoyama-Zeit (1573-1603) oder der Keichō-Ära (1596-1615) als Kotō (古刀, alte Schwerter) bis einschließlich der An'ei-Ära (1772. The Nihonto Message Board accepts no liability whatsoever. Particularly, the Nihonto Message Board accepts no liability for any direct, indirect, special or other consequential damages of whatever kind (including, without limitation: loss of business, profits, anticipated savings, revenues, data, goodwill or contracts), resulting from whatever cause, through the use of any information or. Email: info@nihonto.us. Due to increased processing and shipping costs, I will have to pass those costs along to purchasers. PayPal add 4%. Credit cards add 3.5% Welcome To NIHONTO.US. A site offering quality swords and tosogu : BOXES . ARCHIVE . i . WQ paper paint. WQ 2 y . mackenie . starr Tanaka Masatoshi Keio Ni Tora-bo Yokoya Yurakusai Sekibun . CLICK ITEM TO VIEW NEW LISTING. June 8.

Nihonto are authentic Japanese swords, nagamaki, naginata, and yari, made by using traditional methods and materials. These were the weapons of Samurai, who followed the ways of Bushido (code of ethics for the warrior class). The Samurai sword is thought to embody the soul of the Samurai, according to Bushu folklore, propagated by Tokugawa Ieyasu Contact us. Samurai Katana Shop; Strengweg 1 C 1969 KP te Heemskerk Langskomen op afspraak! BTW: NL 8508.27.760 B01 Kamer van Koophandel: 53296125; Tel: +31 (0) 6 5569693 Nihonto.com. 1,948 likes · 41 talking about this. Nihonto.com is a web based business created in 1996 selling antique Japanese swords, sword fittings, armor, and related items Welcome to Nihonto Australia's new website. It's been nearly 15 years since the creation of the original Nihonto Australia and in an effort to keep up with the times we thought that it was finally time for an update. Many of the available items that were on the previous site have already made their way over to this one. However, be sure to keep an eye out as a few of the remaining pieces.

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